Service Freight Systems is one of the top 3PLs serving all of Canada and the U.S.
But don’t take our word for it. Following are comments from our clients.

ConAgra Foods

“I like the philosophy at Service Freight.  It’s never a sales pitch like the cold calls I get every day from carriers and 3PLs.  Service Freight has more of a team-based, service-focused approach."

“Most carriers want all the volume you can give them, but Service Freight would rather handle a small volume well than handle a large volume of freight poorly. They are interested in building a long term relationship based on trust.”

Frank Dominic, ConAgra Foods

TreeHouse Foods

“I have had problems with other carriers – drivers getting to the border without the proper paperwork, or arriving at clients’ docks late or short of product.

"That never happens with Service Freight – if there are any issues with my freight, I know about it long before our client. I don’t have to even think about it.”

Bill Boirier, TreeHouse Foods

A Culture of Care from Service Freight

“We use Service Freight for temp-controlled LTL into the U.S. Their customer service levels and communications back to us are superb.  And they are accountable. Even when a carrier screws up, they take responsibility.

“Most carriers just come back and give you what you ask for, but Service Freight is proactive about looking at options that could save money.  They are always thinking about other options that might make sense.”

Large Food Manufacturer


“They help us meet very tight deadlines and uphold our reputation as the most reliable supplier in the business by making time-sensitive shipping a problem solved. As a top 3PL, they go the extra mile to find the most economical route available to meet our deadlines, while using carriers who understand how to transport our unique signage products.

“Service Freight is a group of hardworking and knowledgeable experts who have grown with our business. They are efficient, friendly and on the ball.”

Kevin Van Sickle, General Manager
Provincial Signs

Sealed Air: Packaging & Hygiene Solutions

“They have a commitment to watch the load and advise me along the way if there are problems, such as a delay at Customs. They seem to care about us as a customer.”

“Service Freight is one of the carriers I rely on to ship my products. They have a specialty and they communicate well and go the extra mile!”

Mark Denise, Sealed Air

Sandale Utility Products

“Timing is crucial and Service Freight has been on time, every time. They are truly a 3PL we can rely on. I’m always confident they’ll pick up and deliver as requested.”

Emmylou McDole, Inside Account Manager
Sandale Utility Products

Ingot Metal Company

“With one call or email I can trust my shipment is taken care of. They save me time, money and a lot of headaches.”

David Shore, Owner
Ingot Metal Company

Burlington Merchandising & Fixtures

“Some 3PLs are afraid to give you bad news because they’re worried about upsetting the client. We appreciate the fact that Service Freight keeps in touch no matter what.”

Matt Dobson, Burlington Merchandising & Fixtures

Direct Equipment

 “We have worked with Service Freight for 18 years and they’ve definitely lived up to their name – Service. They are very service-oriented. They stay on top of things and let us know what’s going on. Their system delivers prompts right on our computer screen when product is picked up and when it’s delivered. That means I’m not on edge wondering what’s going on. I always get the information in a timely manner.

“They are very nice people who truly seem to enjoy what they are doing. When people enjoy their jobs, things work better and stay on track. Their employees are truly engaged in what they are doing.”

Mike Garland, Direct Equipment

Arzon Limited

“We do a lot of LTL and truckloads into the U.S., and Service Freight takes care of everything.

"If an issue comes up, I know I will hear about it quickly.

"They are great at tracking – if I tell them a particular shipment is really important, they really stay on top of it for me.”

Doug Jeffrey, Arzon Limited

Mauser Industrial Packaging Solutions

“Service Freight brings in all of our raw materials, most of them from the U.S. on an LTL basis. It’s a complex task, but Service Freight makes it simple for me. I just make one call or send one email and I know it’s being handled.”

Mike Grant, Mauser Canada