Proactive communication, follow-through, and genuine care are at the heart of what makes Service Freight a different kind of freight delivery partner. We are also the critical enablers for hitting tight windows for retail distribution centre deliveries.

We carefully plan loads, pick the right carriers, relentlessly check status during the journey and keep you, and the consignee informed every step of the way.  If there’s a problem with your appointment freight delivery, we come to you with answers, not excuses. It’s our way.

“I have had problems with other carriers – drivers getting to the border without the proper paperwork, or arriving at clients’ docks late. That never happens with Service Freight – if there are any freight delivery issues, I know about it long before our retail client"

Bill Boirier, TreeHouse Foods

For retail distribution centre deliveries, we can help…

  • Improve scorecards from your retail customers. Distribution performance can make or break these evaluations.
  • Reduce freight delivery costs. We’re not order takers. If there’s a cheaper alternative to your requested service, while still hitting the freight delivery date, our freight specialists are trained to put better options on the table.
  • Avoid chargebacks. Late deliveries are the biggest driver of these profit-sucking penalties.
  • Get it there when others can’t. There’s a human side to getting things done in the freight business. We build personal relationships at the retailer’s warehouse to keep your freight moving.
  • Free up your time. By taking on the huge time burden of appointment coordination, Service Freight frees you up for more strategic tasks, while we get busy on your behalf.

Why Service Freight for retail distribution centre deliveries?

  • Experienced and dedicated staff. Service Freight delivers daily to major grocery distribution centres throughout the U.S. and Canada. Unlike most freight brokers and carriers, we have specialists on staff who do nothing but arrange appointment deliveries. As a result, they develop relationships with staff at these grocery warehouses and learn how to make deliveries happen when others can't.
  • Load planning expertise. We’ll think through how border delays, consignee hours, drive time limits and other factors might impact delivery times, and adjust accordingly.
  • Unmatched communication. You’ll know good news fast. You’ll know bad news faster. There are no surprises when working with our freight delivery specialists.
  • We shine when things go wrong. When weather, traffic, and equipment all cooperate, it’s easy to be on time for appointment deliveries. It’s when unexpected events happen that you want true partners and problem solvers who will treat freight like it’s their own.

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