The Service Freight business philosophy is embodied in our Culture of Care.

  1. Take care of associates – the people who do the work.
    We respect and support one another, professionally and personally.  When there’s a challenge, we have each other’s backs.
  1. Take care of carriers – the drivers and people who execute on the road.
    By treating them with the respect they deserve, they honour that respect by going above and beyond on our behalf.
  1. Provide the best customer service in the business.
    Not good. Not better. The best. Our commitment to sweat every last detail inspires client confidence and builds lasting loyalty. And that’s good for everyone.

We ask staff on a daily basis to be remarkable. To work smarter. To care more. To be human.

This simply won’t happen unless, through our Culture of Care, we create a supportive, nurturing environment that recognizes that people have lives outside of work – kids, parents, doctor’s appointments and other needs

We invest in career development. We reward performance. We empower people to do what’s right. Because that makes associates more satisfied and happy on the job. The result: You get REAL HUMANS CARING FOR YOUR FREIGHT.

On Customers and Clients

While it may sound strange, we don’t want you as a customer.  The word “customer” generally implies a more transactional relationship with people who buy the products or services that you supply. Clients, on the other hand, buy your advice and solutions personalized to their particular needs.

Client relationships go well beyond the transaction, with the provider functioning as an extension of the client’s team. We take our client relationships very seriously.

We don’t want you as a customer;
We want you as a client.