Freight Services for Consumer Product Deliveries

Consumer product companies rely on Service Freight to manage appointment freight to Distribution Centres throughout Canada and the U.S. As CPG logistics experts, we work with clients to avoid chargeback fines and improve retailer scorecards.

“The follow up is great. I may talk to 5 different people, but they keep track of all customer interactions on the system. If someone goes home sick, I don’t have to explain what happened to the next person. It’s a team.”

Bill Boirier, TreeHouse Foods

For consumer product delivery to distribution centres, we can help…

  • Gain flexibility. Support uncovered lanes and provide extra capacity during peak periods.
  • Cut freight costs. We can often beat common carrier prices for U.S. inbound/outbound LTL. Beyond that, our proactive approach to managing freight shipments often avoids shipping mistakes that drive up your costs.
  • Relieve you of a huge time drain. Coordinating appointment freight is extremely time consuming. We allow you to offload the task to true experts who can get the job done efficiently and well. You and your staff gain happy customers, and a whole lot of time to devote to more strategic tasks.
  • Choose the right service. The cheapest service will be the most expensive, if it fails. We dig in to learn your requirements so we can match the service with the true business need.
  • Build a true partnership for freight management. Don’t get lost at a large-scale 3PL or broker too busy to focus on you. Learn how we work.

Why use our freight broker services for consumer product delivery?

  • Experts at appointment deliveries. We have specialists on staff who work exclusively on coordination of distribution centre deliveries. That means we have the know-how and the relationships at consignee locations to meet your delivery deadlines and keep your customers happy.
  • Cross border specialists. Our carriers and drivers cross the border daily and have the knowledge needed to get your freight through without costly delays.
  • Attention. Feeling ignored by those large brokers and carriers? Many of Service Freight's existing customers actually left mega-brokers because they wanted a company that would provide better communication and a more personalized customer service experience.
  • 24/7 availability. Freight doesn't punch a clock, so neither do we.