The Real Cost of Shipping Mistakes

The Real Cost of Shipping Mistakes

Why choosing the wrong freight provider may cost more than it saves

When freight is delayed, for whatever reason, there are serious financial consequences. Companies chirp about these costs constantly, but no one has spelled out exactly what late shipments or mis-shipments actually cost shippers in real dollars. This paper attempts to do just that.

The Human Side of Freight Cover

The Human Side of Freight

Today, technology has made freight transportation more efficient than it’s ever been, but it has also diminished the role of personal interaction in the freight management process. This has led to frustration among shippers, who cite poor customer service and communication as their biggest points of frustration with logistics service providers.

This paper explores how to reverse this unhealthy trend and put the emphasis back on what matters most to freight shippers – honesty, fairness, accountability, communication and proactive problem solving.