Why choose Service Freight to manage your critical freight shipments?

Because we’re not just about finding a truck, we’re about providing the best logistics customer service in the industry. No one will outperform us on communication and personal, committed, detailed service.

Safeguard your food shipments.

We offer 20+ years of experience shipping temperature-sensitive,
time-sensitive freight

Never wonder about your critical shipment.

Our communications promise means you are never in the dark about the freight in our care.

Get started fast and easy.

Our 4-point on-boarding process includes on-site visits where we learn about your team and your processes, first hand.

Get better.

We do client scorecards twice yearly and follow up with detailed action plans to raise performance to “exceptional” levels.

Get some sleep.

We are your professional worriers, on call 24/7 to monitor your critical freight –
so you don’t have to.

Choose friendly over corporate.

Nothing against corporate, it’s just not who we are.
We laugh, we cry. We’re real humans who genuinely care.

Join a real family.

(schmaltzy but true)
Clients who choose Service Freight Systems stay with us –
for years. As trust develops, our clients become our friends.
We get the job done, and laugh at the same time.