To all small and mid-sized trucking companies and owner operators:

Are you looking for reputable, and busy, Canadian freight brokers to keep your rigs moving?
We think we’re one of the top brokers to haul for in and out of Greater Toronto.

Here’s why.

Steady Freight

We are a freight broker of choice for large food companies and other manufacturers moving goods between Canada and the U.S.

Fair Treatment

We are equal providers in service to the client. We will deal with you honestly and fairly. Our goal: a long-term, profitable relationship based on mutual respect.

Dedicated Carrier Contact

Our job is to be your one-stop resource to iron out issues quickly and without hassle.

24/7 Dispatch

If you need us, we’re there for you.

Tight Processes

You’ll get confirmed and vetted instructions and paperwork you need to get moving and keep moving.

Fast Payment

Either standard 30-day terms, or 2-day payment under our QuickPay Program.

If you are a carrier looking for a Canadian freight broker to haul for, call 800-693-9119, ext 4 to request a setup package – or email