Food Trucking Between Canada and the United States

At Service Freight, we manage safe, compliant food trucking services between Canada and the U.S. It’s our focus, and has been since 1995.

ConAgra Foods, Sealed Air, TreeHouse Foods and many other food companies trust our refrigerated trucking specialists to manage the details that are critical to successful shipment of frozen freight and perishables.  We combine this know-how with fanatical customer service and communication to take the stress out of food trucking across the border.

“In our business, being on time is critical. Service Freight is great at tracking our shipments, and communicating with us so that there are no surprises.”

Fred Facciolo, Logistics Coordinator
Eastern Meat Solutions

For temperature-controlled shipment of food-related products, we can help…

  • Keep your customers happy. We are specialists in managing distribution centre  & appointment deliveries. In fact, Service Freight has staff who are dedicated to nothing but coordination of delivery appointments. As a result, we build relationships with local contacts and can often arrange appointments when others cannot.
  • Support regulatory compliance. Our carriers adhere to Health Canada and FDA requirements for safe shipment of perishables, including careful temperature monitoring. To ensure all requirements are met, we will often develop customer-specific processes and procedures that carriers must sign off on before we will tender a load.
  • Support just in time delivery to manufacturing plants. You need product to make product. When factory production is at stake, failure is not an option for on-time delivery. We spec the right carrier for the job and our logistics specialists put the right checks and measures into the process – and stay in touch with you when required – to ensure timely deliveries.
  • Keep you informed during the shipping process. You will know the status of your shipment at all times, no wondering or worrying. See our communications promise.

Why choose Service Freight as your food trucking and logistics company?

  • 20+ years of it in refrigerated trucking. We intimately understand and practice the extra details required – regulations, paperwork, border requirements – to keep your product safe and moving. It’s our relationships and interpersonal communication with others in the shipping cycle that make our process work.
  • Unlike many food trucking companies, we know the temperature-controlled carriers and the lanes they need to fill. When we match your freight with the right carrier, you pay less.
  • Unrivalled communication and fanatical customer service. From pick-up to delivery, we proactively manage shipments to ensure on-time delivery, and keep you informed every step of the way. Our communications promise ensures you are always aware of your freight status.
  • Personal touch. We know our clients by name (and sometimes their dog’s name) and sweat every detail of every shipment. We take it personally.