Does it need to get there, like, NOW? Service Freight has regular carriers that are committed to expedited shipping services into and out of Canada.

Expedited shipments are about much more than finding a truck. We start by understanding your specific requirements and timing, then we determine the best, most efficient, and least costly service to meet your goals for expedites.

“With one call or email I can trust my shipment is taken care of. They save me time, money and a lot of headaches.”

David Shore, Owner, Ingot Metal Company

For expedited Just-In-Time logistics, we can help…

  • Get an expedited truck to your door fast. There's nothing worse than having to make numerous phone calls to book your critical shipment.
  • Meet critical deadlines with JIT trucking. Much of our work involves time-sensitive deliveries, whether for factory production, for job site deliveries, or for appointment freight to grocery distribution centres. We handle time-critical freight daily and handle each delivery with the urgency it deserves.
  • Save money. Many freight companies meet your service request with an immediate "Here's your price." We dig deeper. For instance, smaller shipments may require only a mini-van versus a more expensive big rig. We gather the facts required to suggest the most cost-effective alternative. Our objective is a happy client, not a quick sale.

Why Service Freight for expedited shipping?

  • Capacity – with a broad carrier base built over 20 years, we typically say “yes” to expedited shipping requests.
  • Large service area – expedited delivery almost anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Same-day delivery, if needed.
  • A wide variety of equipment – dry vans, reefers, straight trucks, flatbed equipment, and smaller vehicles like cargo vans and sprinters.
  • Proactive track and trace – you are never in the dark about your shipment. Our freight specialists are on call 24/7 to monitor your critical freight and make sure the delivery deadline is met. After-hours communication is via text, email or voice (your choice).

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